Listed below are the websites that are affiliated with us here at Tolaria. If you feel like affiliating, send me an email. If you want to link us, and want a little graphic to do so, use this:

Anyway, our current affiliates are: Our new webhost after Dreamline ditched us, is the number one source for your Well of Souls world developing needs. They also offer fast, powerful, reliable webhosting to developers and they even give you the option to make a little money from your site with completely optional advertisements. Learn Japanese, Japanese Culture, and about Japan for free! This is a nice site. Aaron Jones has created lessons and charts that you can use to learn how to read and write Japanese. He also has many helpful links there, in case there's something not covered by his site. Spike is a moderator here. Mad-Sky- This is Sawwa's website. On it, she hosts a number of layouts and the like. In fact, the layout we used to use is from this site, with a few modifications.

Ultima Fantasy Online- The number one source for RPG and Fantasy game information and screenshots! Also has a great forum with a friendly respectable atmosphere.

Trigger Happy

- Trigger Happy is a site that covers first person shooters, third person shooter and action/adventure games. Some games covered are the MGS series, DMC series, Halo series and much more. Trigger Happy is a branch of Final Fantasy Squared so you can get your RPG fix as well. Click the link, you know you want to.

Countdown 50 - Dark, light, elemental attributes, classes, and more! I'll reveal more and more as more members join and remain active. But, I only want good RPers here, so make sure youve got the right kick! If you want more to this RPG, spread the word! This is sure to be a big hit! Good luck, and have fun!