The Ascension of Tamriel

The Ascension of Tamriel takes place 5 years after the events of the first storyline. After the defeat of the demon Kanatash, his father, the demon Delitamor comes to the land of Tolaria to exact his revenge. Tamriel is called upon by the ancient Gods to save the land, but when a new religious sect arises that hates Tamriel, more troubles than simple demon hunting await him.

The Ascension of Tamriel features a "Crystal" system. By equipping powerful crystals, one offensive, and one defensive, the player can learn new spells. The crystals also give certain properties in battle, thus allowing the player to customize their characters and use strategy to win.

The Ascension of Tamriel was originally released for RPG Maker 2003. However, because of a lack of quality, it will be remastered into a much more playable form before it is released to the public.

Tamriel talking to himself
Battling the first boss

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