The Judgement of Tamriel

The Judgement of Tamriel takes place approximately 150 years after the events of The Ascension of Tamriel. The name Tamriel is worshipped like a God, and his followers erected a great temple in his honour after he died. However, the Elementalist religion still exists and they hold all the political power on Tolaria's western continent. They build 8 Temples of their own, and sealed Tamriel's temple using the light from pillars residing in the 8 Temples. It's been said among the commoners that the descendant of Tamriel will appear, unseal Tamriel's temple, and receive the Judgement of Tamriel; proof that person is the true descendant. You, the player, are one of the people that adventured out to prove themselves.

The Judgement of Tamriel was standard WoS fare. There are 11 available classes, each with their own weapons, spells, strengths, and weaknesses. Spells are learned by spending PP that is acquired as you attack enemies. There's also a cooking feature in which you prepare new recipes to recover HP and MP for your party.

The Judgement of Tamriel was created for the Well of Souls game engine, which is available here. There's also a demonstration version available at the Judgement download page. Keep in mind that it requires the Well of Souls game engine in order to play it.

It's recommended for ages 15+, as there may be some content that kids don't need to see. (Nothing too bad though.)

A character talking to a big guy
A blue blob for an early boss
What a wussy monster.
Just a simple Shop menu

Judgement Files for Download
¤Judgement.exe Self-extracting installer
¤Patch: Version 1.0004-Version 1.0005 This is the bugfix patch for V 1.0004
¤Judgement Info File

System Requirements
¤ Well of Souls game engine
¤ A computer that turns on.