Tolaria: The War Between the Sun and the Moon

A cloud of hatred and spite looms over the eastern hemisphere of Tolaria. Two powerful nations: Lunarida, the land of the Silver Moon; and Solren, the ground beneath the Sun of Gold are battling a gigantic war against each other. Meanwhile, the Republic of Maltega claims neutrality, but is a more powerful force at work behind the scenes?

In The War Between the Sun and the Moon, you play the role of a soldier in one of the three available armies: That of the Moon Clan, the Sun Tribe, or the Republic. Depending on which side you choose to take, a different storyline will unfold, resulting in greater replayability.

The War Between the Sun and the Moon features a deep character development system with over 70 classes available. These classes offer a distinct amount of differences for the player to experience as they play this game made with the Well of Souls game engine.

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