New affiliate added
What's this? an update one day after the last one? Is the world falling apart!? Anyway, this update is to announce that in Tolaria's attempt to become a deep roleplaying community, we've affiliated with a forum that has the same goal. Here's to hoping we can both help each other out!

Dark, light, elemental attributes, classes, and more! Ill reveal more and more as more members join and remain active. But, I only want good RPers here, so make sure youve got the right kick! If you want more to this RPG, spread the word! This is sure to be a big hit! Good luck, and have fun!

This description is taken directly from their website, available right here: or by clicking the button in the scrolling marquee, or by visiting the affiliates page.
07 Apr 2007 by Spike

Tolaria Forums Back Up
It's been a longass time since I posted here, so I've decided to do so again. The new forums have been put up, and will have a large focus on not only TolariaRO, but also on roleplaying in general. Tolaria has always been a place whose very lineage comes from roleplaying, and every Tolaria game is an RPG, so it only makes sense that it pays a little tribute to its own heritage, right? Anyway, come and join the forums and start posting!
06 Apr 2007 by Spike

It's Christmas in Judgement!
Now that the Christmas holiday is over with, and some people are starting to come back home from who-knows-where as they visit their families, I've decided to release a quick little patch for Judgement, that adds a fun minigame everyone is invited to!

Starting today, and lasting until 11:59 PM EST on Dec. 31st, Judgement's Christmas Event is in full swing, and everyone is invited to attend!

That's nice Spike, but what IS the Christmas Event?

There's a special map I creaded, filled to the brim with a number of Santa monsters. As you kill them, you'll collect Stockings. Take the stockings to a script I wrote on the event's map to trade the stockings in for Prize Tokens and bring them to me, and I'll give you a prize based on how many you bring me!

Sounds okay I guess... What're the prizes?

1 Prize Token: 10k Septi
2 Prize Tokens: 50k Septi
3 Prize tokens: 100k Septi
4 Prize Tokens: Tonic of your choice (For those that don't know, Tonics are Judgement's version of Seeds)
5 Prize Tokens: 500k Septi
6 Prize Tokens: Tonic of the Gods (+4 among any stats)
7 Prize Tokens: Yuletide Cap (Lv. 25 headgear)
8 Prize Tokens: Santa's Robe (Lv. 25 armour)
9 Prize Tokens: Candy Cane (Lv. 25 Staff, casts a healing spell when used)

At the end of the Christmas event, we'll be having a New Years' party, as well! So be sure to come and enjoy yourself. There'll be booze for 10 Septi each! Come, drink, party, and have fun in a world that normally can't wait to beat the living crap out of you. ;]

If you don't have the world:

If you have the world and need a patch:
26 Dec 2005 by Spike

Tolaria Gaiden demo update
The Tolaria Gaiden by Rabix, Mirage no Etodo, has a new demo version released today. This new version updates the game to be played in RPG Maker 2003 rather than 2000 and features an expanded storyline, updated visuals, and increased difficulty. Be sure to check it out.
24 Jul 2005 by Spike

Plight demo released today!
Tolaria Book 1: The Plight of Tamriel demonstration version was completed and uploaded today! Be sure to head over to the Plight of Tamriel page to check it out! You do NOT need RPG Maker installed to play it, so don't worry.
28 Jun 2005 by Spike

RPG Hack installed
I just finished installing the RPG Hack on the forums. Enspir0n will be working on it over time, as I provide him with names and stuff. So, thank us, or something.

PS: Thank Odin for his help as well. The hack wouldn't be up here right now if it wasn't for him, so he deserves a Care Bear hug or two.
22 May 2005 by Spike

Avatars working, among other stuff.
I got avatars on the news posts now, though I need to get it working 100% correctly with the text, because I'm a n00b with tables, but that's okay.

In other news, there'll also be some good days on the actual content front of the website. I've started writing content pages detailing the people, major characters, geography, and regions of Tolaria. After that I'll be working on Judgement's new version, and Tolaria Online should be out very, very soon, so it should be a good day on the video game front as well, assuming you like the weird crap that comes from my mind.
20 May 2005 by Spike

News Script working!
Well, I finally got the new PHP news script working, which is obvious because you're reading this right now. Isn't it fucking SEKSI?
20 May 2005 by Spike